Currently Davy plays the bagpipes played by the band’s first Pipe Major 100 years ago.  The pipes were owned by the family of Thomas Denholm and a member of the family from CA contacted the band about a set she thought “might be trash”.  She felt that since no one in the family were playing and with the connection to the band, it was only fitting that she donate to people that would play them.  It was a ‘win/win’ as the band received a fantastic set of silver & ivory Lawries that Davy was able to restore, and the family a tax deduction. (Plus the knowledge they will be put to good use.) The band is always open to any others who would like to donate pipes or other instruments.

Just as Davy has worked hard to restore the ‘Denholm pipes’, so has he and the rest of the band’s leadership team worked to restore the band to its former level of excellence.  Davy and Colum have put a long-term plan in place and are focused on steadily improving the band’s play, deportment, music and culture.  The band continues to seek players who are focused on the same elements that will lead to long-term success. The band encourages all good people who value great music, played excellently on well-tuned instruments to help win another World Championship title and another century of excellence.