WKPB after the United Kingdom Championships in Ireland on June 16, 2018.
Taken after the United Kingdom Championships in Ireland on June 16, 2018.


wkpb_idea5_Final-01 Mission Statement   Formed in 1916, the Worcester Kiltie Band is one of the oldest functioning pipe bands in the US. The ‘Kilties’ are famous for being the first pipe band in the US to rise to international prominence at the Grade 1 level. The Worcester Kiltie Band is a 501(c)3 nonprofit musical organization based in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1916, the band is one of the oldest Pipe Bands in the US.  Currently under the direction of Pipe Major David Methven and Drum Sergeant Colum Lundt, the band performs throughout New England, Canada and Scotland, and wears the Modern Scot tartan. The band’s mission is “to study, perform and promote piping and drumming at the highest level possible through teaching, competition, concerts and other public performances. The band seeks to foster a friendly atmosphere, free of politics and enjoyable to all associated with it.” As a musical entity, the band’s goals are threefold, each holding equal importance. First, we constantly strive for musical excellence. A major component toward that end is fielding a competition band. History has taught us that the intense preparation needed to compete successfully is by far the most efficient way to improve one’s abilities. We currently field a Grade II competition band in the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA) and our ultimate aim is the Grade I finals at the Worlds Pipe Band Championship. Secondly, we endeavor to be an active participant in the community. We are involved with different organizations throughout the Worcester County area and Massachusetts in general, participating in parades, concerts, festivals, memorials and funerals. We also are a teaching organization; we provide professional instruction to individuals interested in the bagpipes or drums.  If you hear the pipes in the Worcester area, it is probably from someone who has been taught or influenced by The Worcester Kiltie Band. Current and past members of the band are instructors for a number of local parade bands. Finally, we are a social organization. We take our music very seriously, but we make a concerted effort to incorporate all of these aspects in order to make an organization that everyone can enjoy and with which everyone can get involved.